Sunday, November 18, 2007

I ran all the way

Yes, boys and girls, I ran the entire 26.2-mile Philadelphia Marathon today. Unofficial time is 4 hours 33 minutes: three minutes behind my goal, but that's just fine.

Quick highlights:
My friend Tom driving me downtown at 5:45 this morning. Thanks buddy.
Standing on the Ben Franklin Parkway, beside the Mexico flag at dawn, waiting for the start.
Feeling fresh and light by the time I warmed up at 4 miles.
Losing 10 minutes while waiting in the first port-a-pottie line at mile 4.
Running into the bushes the other times nature called. (1 minute vs. 10)
Great, cheering crowds on South Street, Chestnut Street, and huge crowds at the Art Museum and in Manayunk.
Never questioning whether I'd make it.
Digging deep at the turn-around in Manayunk for the last 6.2 miles.
Digging deeper along Kelly Drive. The will increases but the ability decreases...
Finding tears at mile 23 and realizing I was just about to finish a marathon.
Finding something left inside to hit the heart-rate red zone and push 100% for the last mile.
My son emerging from nowhere 100 yards before the finish.
Running hand-in-hand with my son across the finish line.
Howard Dean would have been in awe of my victory scream.

More details and pics soon.

Thanks to everyone for your emails and support!

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