Saturday, October 20, 2007

If HE can do it...

Brandon Lelsie is a Navajo runner, about to go for it in the US Olympic Team Time Trials, November 3, for the Men's Marathon in Beijing.

As you'll read in the article, Lelsie was a rising star, a high school phenom, until something held him back - tradition...culture...collective be the judge. Now on his latest attempt to prove to himself and his people that he can break out of the traditional mold, Leslie is going against the odds to make the 2008 US Olympic men's marathon team.

The battles Lelsie has faced, and the battles he faces still, are no different from those MCC students face in their dreams of breaking out of poverty and into sustainable careers. When I read a story like Leslie's, I have to remind myself that if he can run through his challenges to go for the gold, I can surely run through mine just to find the finish line.

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